The Automotive Electrical System :

The system in a motor vehicle that furnishes the electrical energy to crank the engine for starting, recharge the battery after cranking, create the high-voltage sparks to fire the compressed air-fuel charges, and power the headlamps, light bulbs, and electrical accessories.


Vehicles operating in adverse conditions will need more regular maintenance to insurance equipment failure and expensive repairs.


‘ But even more importantly, modern engines run with modern electronics managing the engine, so when the power stops flowing you are well and truly stuck ’

VIP Protection:

Powerful vehicle ECM solutions.


The electronic countermeasure (ECM) is a robust electronic force protection tool to counter today's known radio controlled IED (RCIED) bomb threats. These systems can be deployed in many ways to offer electronic vehicle protection and can be configured to address varying threat frequency profiles.


Tri-Band GSM Vehicle Electronic Countermeasure System has been developed to cover specific threat frequencies. These systems capitalizes on ground breaking architecture that continues to provide superb protection across the current bands.




The Threat:

The threat from Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIED) is real and increasing. The size of the usable portion of the electromagnetic spectrum means that RCIED designs can include several common Radio Frequency (RF) products in widespread everyday use. Of these types of equipment, radio control devices, mobile/cellular telephones and electronic pagers are the most prolific.

Vehicle-Mounted Systems:

The vehicle-mounted system is a modern modular ECM jammer. Field-proven in the toughest security environments, this is a very powerful and effective ECM tool which retains user-friendly operation and cost-effectiveness. The ECM Shield™ system capability is directed at the higher threat including radio transmitters, cellular telephones and mobile pagers when used for terrorist purposes. The system is configured as a modular jamming system that allows the end-user to select protection against any or all of the above threats.


Pre-formed Wiring Harness:

A wire harness is any group of cables bundled and held together, often by a specially made plastic bracket.


This assembly ensures greater organization within a device, and makes manufacturing and repair much easier and safer. Wire harnesses can be found in almost any electrical device, so it's of the utmost importance to use the highest quality harness available.

There are many extras that are fitted to vehicle that are used for security work and all have to be wired up in a secure, safe and professional manner.

A Pre-formed harness is a harness that has already been designed for the application that it is intended for. By assembling the harness on the bench a much neater job can be achieved.

The process starts by using CAD software to draw up the theoretical wiring diagram and then the physical diagram, from the physical diagram the harness is produced.

So for instance if the vehicle is armoured then there will be modifications to the drivers door to operate the now much more powerful electric window motor, the two way radio systems, extra lights, larger alternator, dual AC system, tactical lighting system, blackout switch and an ECM Jammer.

In almost every case your vehicle will have a custom wiring loom due to the many extras which are installed in armoured vehicles.


It is important that they are regularly checked to prevent failure of 'after market' installations to prevent failure of essential security or life saving devices like pepper spray units, jamming devices, on board fire extinguishers and other technologies.

Wiring System:

Power Upgrades:

To be able to run extra equipment like jamming devices and high powered radio systems the alternator has to be upgraded or a second alternator fitted.


Integrate system components for complete design package

Evaluate power loads on specific vehicles

Design fail-safe battery systems for reserve starting

High temp testing

Drive line (belt) design and analysis

Add on bracket for additional alternator design

Consulting services for system integration and design

Battery optimization



Armourlight has extensive design experience in DC power system integration, DC power generation and military vehicle systems design. We can evaluate your chosen chassis and recommend changes to the DC power structure, including:


  • Single line schematic system layout
  • Advanced detailed schematic layout
  • Adding more DC power
  • Drive line (belt) design and analysis
  • Adding DC to DC converters
  • Secondary alternator add-on designs
  • Battery separator system design
  • DC power installations

Custom Designs:

Our custom designs offer you the benefit of having a design using quality materials and Armourlight’s expertise in logistics and electrical design.




  • High motive power demands
  • Battery support systems
  • Alternator upgrades
  • Generators
  • Mobile power
  • Air conditioning
  • Connection to grid power  supplies (240V & 110V)
  • IR lighting systems for covert night driving
  • Load sharing
  • Vehicle power distribution systems
  • Desert environments
  • Dual alternator systems
  • Electrical vehicle harnesses
  • Radio communication equipment and EMC solutions
  • Hydraulic driven dual alternators
  • Electronic countermeasure equipment
  • Surveillance equipment
  • Bonding and earth testing
  • Proved extensively in commercial, military and armoured vehicles.